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Fastest lap WDC
As most of you know, I'm not a massive fan of awarding a point for fastest lap due to the fact that it can be largely circumstancial. That is, if a driver has a window where he is basically nowhere in the race but has no immediate threat from behind he can pit for fresh tyres and do a glory run late in a race on low fuel with fresh rubber. Interestingly this year it was the eventual WDC winner who scored the most FL points over the season with 6 to his name. Two of those (including today's) were late attempts on worn hard tyres - the other one was Silverstone, for what it's worth. There was one other occasion where Hamilton almost did the same but Vettel pipped him by milliseconds on fresh rubber on the last lap (I can't recollect the exact race as I'm gin'd up, might have been france?).

Anyway, I've never regarded Lewis as a FL specialist as he tends to be pretty measured and sensible when out in the lead. Just thought I'd share the thought that him winning the FL contest is a bit of a suprise to me.

Here's the breakdown, for anyone interested :


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It's surprised me as well that Lewis has won the fastest lap comp this season. I can understand why some were against the awarding of points for the fastest lap, genuinely I think it has spiced things up a little during the races. I think it's been a good addition to the F1 weekend. Lewis is now so close to so many other records now.
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