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Posted by: PapaofGags
15-05-2022, 03:04 PM
Forum: 2022 Race Threads
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Charles Leclerc crashes Niki Lauda's iconic Ferrari at Monaco.

Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship leader Charles Leclerc has not had luck on his side as of late and things got even worse when he crashed one of the most iconic Ferrari’s in the sport’s history today.

Leclerc was amidst numerous other drivers for the 13th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, which had approximately 200 cars running across the weekend in celebration of cars throughout the years.

Drivers, past and present, took to the famous Monaco track to showcase the cars with Leclerc having the honour of racing around in a 1974 Ferrari F1 car made famous by the late, great Niki Lauda.

Whilst racing around the iconic Monaco track, the 24-year-old seemed to lose the rear end of the car as he headed into La Rascasse, skidding backwards into the barriers and causing damage to the rear end of the car.

Leclerc momentarily stayed still in the cockpit before beginning a slow exit from the accident, eventually pulling up onto the main straight with smoke bellowing from the rear end.

A pair of marshals joined Leclerc for a brake inspection once he left the vehicle and Leclerc later said: “I lost the brakes. I lost the brakes! I braked, the pedal was hard, and it went to the floor. I was lucky to have it at that moment, because if I had had it at another place, it was no good … the problem is that I got scared. I arrived normally in the corner.”

Luckily, the only injury he seems to have sustained is a bruised ego and he later made fun of his misfortune on Twitter.

He said: “When you thought you already had all the bad luck of the world in Monaco, and you lose the brakes into rascasse with one of the most iconic historical Ferrari Formula 1 cars.”

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Posted by: NeilP
14-05-2022, 05:40 PM
Forum: 2022 Race Threads
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Into Europe we go for a brief period two Races' which will in no doubt bring us very very few highlights of actual racing. I do not mind Spain too much as part of me actually enjoys the  grind of the race.  Do not get me wrong I would not want all circuits to be like this but of all the less interesting racing tracks I like this one the most.

Pole will dominate.  Have we heard that before in Spain?  Well barring mistakes and safety cars it is perhaps the biggest thing a driver can do to win a race before it starts here in Spain. Statement of the obvious.  Yes, but even more so here than most other places.

Thank goodness for the new regulations we will of course get to see a different Spain this year with loads of overtaking the same ole same ole. Sorry still wondering what all the fuss people keep making of these changes. Nothing has changed, absolutely nothing as far as racing is concerned.

I guess the biggest question I have myself is will Mercedes make any progress with their car. What I saw in Miami was confusing to say the least. Sometimes it looked better than previous races others it looked dire. 

I think as with pretty much every race so far it will be about Red Bull vs Ferrari. For me Red Bull have the better car.  If Leclerc is to win the WDC and Ferrari the constructors they need to make some moves that get them closer to Red Bull. The only cloud in Red Bulls season has been the reliability aspect and Ferrari cannot count on that to continue.

The enjoyability of the racing is no worse than last year unless like me you are a Hamilton and Mercedes fan and to be honest its brutal. I am still in shock at how bad the team got this car specification wrong.  I do not know much about the technical side of this sport but it seems to me to be a multiple combination of issues. I realize some of them if not most or all of them are inter-related but there is no hiding the engine is way down on power compared to Ferrari and especially Red Bull. I would like many enjoy a three way fight as this would make things more interesting but I dont see that happening any time soon.

Even though Forza revoked my Tifosi privileges I will be rooting hard for LeClerc and Sainz

Forza Ferrari....... Sad

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Posted by: Wavy1812
14-05-2022, 08:15 AM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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Hi just looking for advice please.

I now unfortunately can't make it to the Austrian GP this year and have two tickets for the Saturday and Sunday on T3. Can anyone offer advice on where I can sell these please.



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Posted by: forzaferrari
05-05-2022, 09:33 AM
Forum: 2022 Race Threads
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I happened to watch the opening ceremony, not sure if this is a thing for every GP or because this is the first time here at this Miami carpark circuit (?).......What a load of old tosh!!! Crofty and that other young lass (cant remember her name) doing their best to generate some hype followed by the drivers doing a walk on. A DJ playing a mix of songs and some bird wearing sunglasses comes out looking like Stevie Wonder`s Latino sister flaunting her ass (impressive as it was) while singing.........some people are easy pleased!

I hope the racing provides more entertainment than the drivel Ive seen so far.

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Posted by: NeilP
04-05-2022, 03:55 AM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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My F1 days began with perhaps James Hunt, sure I had then and have subsequently heard about other legendary drivers but my knowledge of them was to all intents and purposes non-existent.

Tonight I watched on my Amazon Prime account a Grand Tour program (Season 3 Episode 5).  In it Richard Hamilton drove the Lotus 25 of Jim Clark and much of the program was in fact devoted to his achievements. I watched David Sims an engineer with Lotus who worked with Clark who still after all these years was moved to tears about his death.  Cedric Selzer another one of Clarks engineers told how he was invited to a party given by Juan Fangio in which Fangio told him he thought Clark was the best ever driver.  Ayrton Senna paid a visit to Clarks school a homage as he called it for a guy who was a hero of his.

Every sport has its superstars and every era usually has a few (Although hyperbole these days is simply out of control) and its hard and not really very scientific or even balanced to say who was the best ever although many try and many arguments are carried out in pursuit of those opinions that we all have.  The variables are simply too great to take into consideration.

I knew nothing about Jim Clark until I saw this (quite brilliant) piece by someone you would not expect (Richard Hammond) and by the end of it I was left thinking to myself this guy was the greatest of them all.

At the end of the program I thought Jeremy Clarkson (Yes, that Jeremy Clarkson) was pretty damn close to crying you could see the emotion of the piece really got to him.

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Posted by: NeilP
03-05-2022, 02:47 AM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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Sounds amazing....

But it is not in my view.

Neither are going to being a new team into F1, Porsche are said to be teaming up with Red Bull and Audi are trying to buy out an existing team and have been approaching according to what I have read, McLaren, Aston Martin, Sauber and Williams.  I wonder if the $200 Million buy in price tag has anything to do with that. Maybe, maybe not its a lot of money but I guess not to those companies.

I frequently tell you guys I know very little about F1 other than what I can see with my own eyes and figure out with my own brain (of which both are unreliable these days) but I have had the distinct impression for some time now that  Liberty have been manipulating the sport towards getting these specific companies on board with F1.

Its hard for me to be positive about pretty much anything in my life right now yet alone sport so maybe that is clouding my perspective.

Lets hear some of yours...

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Posted by: NeilP
29-04-2022, 01:11 AM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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Prompted somewhat by my own thoughts and in truth an article on the BBC.  Not so much the article itself rather the responses.

We are, I accept just four races into the new season but be honest with yourself are things any better?  I will answer in part for Forza. Yes.  Mercedes are dire and the Red team are back on top. Okay I get it but in reality what has happened? Well the two horse races of the past seasons have been replaced with, wait for it. A two horse race. The contenders may have changed but the fact is there are just two teams in the races for the titles is impossible to dispute.

Following is easier but that does not make for better racing.  We were promised it would be easier to overtake. It is not. The gap between the top two teams and the rest of the field is just as wide if not wider than before.  The budget restraints put in place are not helping going to help. Williams and Haas are already struggling for parts. One assumes this is down to finances. Teams like Mercedes and McLaren are going to catch up how if their financial ability is constrained?

Is this Formula 1. Yes but its now Liberty Formula 1. The DNA of the sport most here loved is on life support maybe already dead. Maybe it did not start this year maybe its been going on for a long time. Maybe its not all Liberty's fault.

This last race was a joke. No DRS for an age. A DRS zone that was much too powerful. I did see some what I thought were great ideas from people on the BBC HYS. Suggestions like do away with DRS and give a set time per use that the drivers can use DRS when and where THEY want to use it. Limit how many times per race.  I like those thoughts they seem sensible.

Lets be honest here overtaking is pretty much only achieved through disparity of tyre wear, Safety Car timing, and the artificial method called DRS.  Without any of these would there even be any overtaking?

Do not mistake my comments as being from a disgruntled Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton fan, for whilst I am disappointed in that situation it is clearly of their own making and is their problem to resolve if indeed it is recoverable. Point is we have forced changes upon teams, forced vast expense on teams and the results are to be frank hugely disappointing.

Maybe as the season winds on and maybe next season too we will see some better results but I for one am not holding my breath.

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Posted by: NeilP
17-04-2022, 05:16 AM
Forum: 2022 Race Threads
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Welcome to race number 4 on the 2022 calendar.

This is to Ferrari what Red Bull Ring is to Red Bull Racing, well almost.

According to Wikipedia Emilia Romagna is one of the wealthiest places not just in Italy but in the whole of Europe. I would think you could make a solid argument for it being the World center for exotic and Supercar manufacturers and as besides Ferrari it is home to Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati, De Tomaso and has Dallara and Ducati in tow too.

To many, myself included the named Emilia Romagna F1 GP meant nothing to me until I realised (albeit some time ago now) it was really better known as Imola.  The circuit is best remembered by me as the place Ayrton Senna and the lesser known Roland Ratzenberger both lost their lives back in 1994 when called the San Marino GP.

The circuit hosted F1 racing in 2020 and 2021 when they were won by Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen respectively.

This year will see the first of the Sprint races held here which to my mind are a complete waste of time and money but I think will in all probability be the future of F1 Grand Prix meetings.

I think home field advantage will be with Ferrari their car looks the best alround machine right now. Red Bull maybe faster especially in the hands of the current world Champion***  (Bare with me I am getting there) but reliability seems to be a big issue.  Both Championships look to be a two horse race right now between Ferrari and Red Bull. I saw a headline somewhere today where Toto Wolff wants to see a clean start to F1, I did not read it but even as a Mercedes and Hamilton fan my first and so far only thought was just shut up it just comes over as being a bad loser which he may well be.  Mercedes oh how the mighty have fallen not only does their car imitate a dolphin on speed (Pun intended) it seems to lack a lot of power too.

Just as in previous seasons the midfield battle is close, closer than the first 4 cars are thats for sure. Following may be easier but overtaking is proving just as difficult to do. To see F1 cars slowing down when approaching a DRS zone is embarrassing.  Lots of clown shows in this circus.

Not sure Sainz is in wingman territory yet and I hope he is not reduced to that role by Ferrari. I wonder if Perez wins this week and Verstappen fails to finish if he will be a good wingman for Perez, maybe not.

Not sure if anyone is bringing any major upgrades to this race I suspect not. It was hugely disappointing to see how few spares both Williams and Haas had for their cars last race, not sure this cost saving plan by Liberty is doing them any favours and we are not even 20% through the season yet.

My Ferrari Polo shirt arrived this week but I have to send it back I have put so much weight on lately it does not fit but I am not sure I can buy a XXXXXXXX/L. It may have to be a special order.

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Posted by: forzaferrari
04-04-2022, 07:19 PM
Forum: 2022 Race Threads
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Posted by: NeilP
30-03-2022, 05:42 AM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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I know everyone knows about him dying but I never knew how or why I just find this to be so so sad....

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