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Posted by: NeilP
23-10-2021, 07:14 PM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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I am sure there are many out there here is one I have used for a very long time. It is a portal that has a lot of links to different websites.

Click on Motorsport.  Then click on F1.

This will give you several links to different webstreams.

Most are very good I use mainly "Stream East:" or CyclingStreams"

Obviously pop ups vary for a number of reasons. I use Chrome as my Browser and have Ad Block Plus and Ad Guard Blocker as extensions.

The quality has always been very good and very stable.

Hope this helps some of you out from time to time.

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Posted by: black
10-10-2021, 07:15 PM
Forum: 2021 Race Threads
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Circuit of the Americas.

Is the circuit up to running an F1 race? The MotoGP community think the surface is dire. Who has the form to come out on top in 2021?

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Posted by: NeilP
05-10-2021, 04:54 AM
Forum: 2021 Race Threads
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This will be our second visit since F1 racing resumed in Turkey.  Last year saw a hugely entertaining wet race which was eventually won by Lewis Hamilton.  Lance Stroll took pole and led for much of the race until he stopped for tyres and then dropped way back with team mate Checo Perez taking the lead only to be caught and passed by Lewis Hamilton.  The race was full of incidents which saw Charles Leclerc close in fast on second place Perez only to make a mistake and lose out to his team mate Sebastian Vettel for the final podium position on the last corner of the race.

So what do we expect?  Well according to many Lewis Hamilton is going to possibly (which in my book means almost certainly) going to take a new engine here so that puts Max Verstappen in prime position to win the race. Last year his race was compromised by Red Bull fitting the wrong front wing component to his car.  Hamilton famously drove his intermediate tyres to a state of being slicks and won perhaps one of his best races and in the process secured the Drivers Championship from team mate Valteri Bottas.  I would assume this year the track will be a little more worn in and conditions not so slippery.  If Hamilton does start from the back I do not see him finishing see any higher than maybe 6th or 7th. He certainly will not finish 2nd like Verstappen did last race unless some major incidents happen or he gets very lucky.

Be interesting as it has all season long to see the Ferrari vs McLaren battle. I would think it will be a closely fought race for those two teams.

So what have we got to say fellow Banterers, been way to quiet on this board lately.

Postscript: I see new regulations and engines are in the process of being finalized for 2026 with the MGU-H being done away with.  This is expected to attract one of the VW manufacturers to enter F1.  It also seems that Biofuels are being discussed to cut down on emissions which to me is ridiculous.  Twenty cars running twenty to twenty five races is not even adding as much CO2 to the atmosphere as Forza does rabbiting on and on about his beloved Ferrari on an annual basis. What is all the worry about!!!!

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Posted by: Antilochos
28-09-2021, 06:16 PM
Forum: F1 General Discussion Board
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After last race in Russia were Verstappen changed engine and ended P2 with just a handful of races to go, it is an interesting discussion who is actually ahead cq in favour for winning the championship (with only 2 points difference). So why not a little tread about it.

I give it a go.

First two drivers. I think both are great and it is impossible to tell which of the two is better. Form? I must admit that Hamilton is making more mistakes this year than Verstappen. Hell, only in Sochi he hit a crew member and the wall, twice. But, on Sunday he is there and doing a great job, as he use to do. Like Neil said; never count Hamilton out, never.
Verstappen is driving better then ever and I can't catch him on many mistakes this year. 
Again, they are so close, hard to tell. So I conclude both are equal going into the rest of the races.

The engine discussion. Verstappen with a engine swap in Sochi seems to have a big advantage. Not sure if the Mercedes engine from Hamilton needs another swap. Could just as well be that they finish the season with that engine, but I do feel Verstappen has a step ahead here.

The coming tracks.
First is Turkey. Hamilton won that track last time. Not sure if Red Bull or Mercedes has an advantage on that track, but since Verstappen made some mistakes here last year, I say Hamilton has the advantage on this track as a driver.

US. With two very long straights and many Mercedes victories here in the past it obviously seems Hamilton has the advantage here. 
Although Verstappen always showed great racing and the Red Bull is closer to the Mercedes this year, I still give it to Hamilton but with the slightest margin. Bottas and Perez with strategy could become a major factor here.

Mexico. This is a Red Bull track and Verstappen is strong here. Interesting will be how Red Bull will do with a Honda engine this year, since the other years (not last year) was with the Renault and as I understand the altitude has an impact on the cars. Still I say it is Verstappen's race to lose.

Brazil. Verstappen. This track has his name all over it. He has been impressive here every race so I really give it to Verstappen as a driver at this race.

And we move to Qatar. I don't know this track but what I saw it looks pretty tight with many curves (hope I checked the right one...). Really don't know who to give this one to but when comparing it with others like Monaco or Zandvoort, I have to give it to Verstappen.

Another new track; Saudi Arabia. Again I know nothing about this track but, again, this will not stop me to have an opinion... Street circuit but seems not that bad as Monaco. Hard to tell but looks pretty fast so should be Mercedes. On other hand, if anything like Baku were Verstappen was dominating (until the tyre blew)... Really hard to say something useful but lets give this one to Hamilton.

Last, Abu Dhabi. Lots of corners, something Verstappen would like, but also two good long straights for the Mercedes speed in Hamilton his car. Both drivers did fine in the past here, so I leave this last one undecided, just like I hope the championship will be as we enter this race.

Naturally all above doesn't mean nothing looking at the many DNF's we already had last races. I really hope we don't have more of those.

Overall, the margin is so minimal, we have a great championship ahead of us. With the amount of bad luck Verstappen has had, he should've been ahead by a huge margin by now (please don't attack me on this; Hamilton said it himself this weekend). So I enjoy the battle, but believe Verstappen deserves the win in the end.

What do you guys think? Can you produce more predictive, useless nonsense then I just did?

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Posted by: NeilP
19-09-2021, 12:02 AM
Forum: 2021 Race Threads
- Replies (56)

So, after the 'Madness at Monza' we move on to Sochi in Russia. I am pretty sure the circuit is not well liked here with the Banter crowd.  The race here started in 2014 and every single race has been won by Mercedes with Hamilton 4 wins, Bottas 2 wins and Rosberg 1 win.

As with Monza you would have to think Mercedes are again here the favourites but as with Monza anything can happen in any race as has been proven before.  As with so many F1 races the first corner is hugely important with the 2nd and 3rd place cars getting a huge tow along one of the longest 'straights' on the calandar  (I think only Baku is longer but I may be wrong my ageing memory is just that... ageing!)

I think it will be a little interesting in the top 10. I see a Mercedes vs Red Bull battle along with a Ferrari vs McLaren battle being the highlights.  McLaren looked pretty strong at Monza and I was impressed with their straight line speed as demonstrated by Ricciardo holding off Verstappen with it must be said little difficulty.

Tyre life is exceptional here so a one stop (Barring rain) is an absolute certainty with the decison do I go medium or soft to start the race probably uppermost in the minds of the strategists.

I dont hate this race as much as I do others, at least there are some overtaking possibilities even outside the rush to the first true corner.  However it is rarely an exciting race and more a grind the result out race.

Looking forward to you guys thoughts.

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Posted by: Antilochos
08-09-2021, 03:46 PM
Forum: 2021 Race Threads
- Replies (61)

So, another weekend with sprint race. Fast track and interesting point in championship.

Think Mercedes can be strong on this fast track. 
Verstappen will always be fighting up there, Perez I am very curious about how he will show up.
McLaren back as fast nr. 3 and Ferrari a bit further back.
Gasly strong as usual fighting Ferrari, his teammate bad as usual and crashes.

What do you guys think?

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Posted by: Antilochos
02-09-2021, 02:13 PM
Forum: 2021 Race Threads
- Replies (49)

Hey guys, it has been a while since I was here. Unfortunately for you guys, I am back with my useless banter. So you are going to see me around more.

Anyway, thought I start with making this thread for the Dutch GP since I am Dutch. Think it will be a boring race, but it can't be worse than the one in Belgium last week right?

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Posted by: forzaferrari
21-08-2021, 11:56 AM
Forum: 2021 Race Threads
- Replies (89)

Looking forward to this round, one of my favourite circuits......and it marks the end of the long summer shutdown.

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Posted by: PapaofGags
05-08-2021, 05:14 PM
Forum: Other Motorsport
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(4) GoPro: Enduro MX Racing the Back Alleys of Portugal with Jonny Walker - Extreme XL Lagares - YouTube   (5m 12s)

Enduro MX Racing the Back Alleys of Portugal with Jonny Walker - Extreme XL Lagares

Mental....... but so cool.    Cool

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Posted by: NeilP
25-07-2021, 03:52 PM
Forum: Driver Contract Gossip
- Replies (12)

It is that time of year when drivers are signed for the upcoming seasons.  There are some really stupid rumours out there including the proposed return of Mika Hakkinen!!!!

I am ignoring those and making my line ups below.  Obviously interested to see what you guys think or know about 2022.

This is what I THINK it will be not what I think it should be. I would absolutely move Schumacher to Alfa Romeo. I would drop Giovinazzi and Raikkonen. I would drop Latifi from Williams. I would kick Mazepin out of the sport completely. If I am Haas I get an American driver in at least one seat, that I feel as much as it kills me to say so would be good for the sport overall. Gasly should be off to a better team but there are no seats available.  Renault have made two hasty decisions They should have targeted Gasly for a seat in my book.

Mercedes  Hamilton & Russell
Red Bull Verstappen & Perez
McLaren Norris & Ricciardo
Ferrari Leclerc & Sainz
Aston Martin Stroll & Vettel
Renault Ocon & Alonso
Alpha Tauri  Gasly & Tsunoda
Alfa Romeo Bottas & Giovinazzi
Haas Schumacher & Mazepin
Williams Latifi & Atkin

Over to you guys

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