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Ricciardo Vs Hulkenberg
So I couldn't find a thread specifically on this topic, so I've created one. Looking at qualifying stats it's actually starting to look really, really one-sided now, and in the races it's not much better for Hulkenberg, I guess the jury is still out, but I think Ricciardo is starting to boss his team mate a bit, and if this carries on for much longer you might ask whether the rumours of Renault courting Bottas are true.
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While I would love Daniel to be 'bossing' his team mate, I think its still too early to be doing that to Hulkenberg. He kept Daniel honest today, especially given where they qualified. The only thing about the Hulk is that he does sometimes make silly mistakes that lead to him being further down the field than perhaps he should be, then he has to try and fight back.
As for Bottas (maybe) being Daniels team mate next year: I can't really make up my mind about him. He had some excellent races at Williams, but also some poor ones, so my feeling when he was signed by Merc was that they wanted a definite No.2 driver to Hamilton, after all the excitement with Rosberg. Since then he has had some excellent races and some poor ones, so more of the same really. Except he has also had some bad luck when he was leading races.
Maybe if he goes to Renault, being in a 'best of the rest' (I hope) team will prove how good a driver he is.
Just not better than Daniel!
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Dark horse for Renault.... Vettel cos he wont be at Ferrari for much longer Smile

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