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The lockdown boredom thread
Should have posted this earlier into the lockdown I guess, but what the hell, better late than never. It looks like we are going to be in this for a good while yet, in Wales at least as our assembly numpties seem to think they can make their own rules up and not do what the rest of the UK do. Sigh  Skeptical

Anyway, what have you lot been doing to keep yourselves sane? I know Forza has a project van to tinker with (quite jealous actually as I love tinkering with vehicles) but what about the rest of you?

Me, I've :
  • Demolished an old, rotten wooden 6x10 shed.
  • Put up a bigger 6x12 polycarbonate shed as a replacement.
  • Cleared a lot of the crap from garage into new shed. Got a registered waste company to pick up old shed and garage crap that won't fit in new shed.
  • Ordered some new LED batten lights for garage as the lighting in there is dire.
  • Started on my model McLaren mp4.
    Project stalled as I've broken the airbrush and waiting for a replacement. Ordering stuff off ebay is taking an age at the moment, Amazon doesn't seem so bad.
  • Treated all the garden fences with preservative.
  • Mowed lawn waaay more times than I usually do.
  • Watched too much TV and spent too many hours watching streaming services. A lot more than is healthy.
  • Spent a lot of time on the interweb researching kit car options.
  • Sat in the garden doing sweet FA a fair bit.
  • Drank a lot of wine, try to stick to weekend days only (for the sake of the liver).
  • Improved the home automation system.
    Yesterday I built a prototype mqtt interface so I can integrate all the motion sensors in the house alarm (put in when the house was built) into my home automation system. We don't really use the alarm system but it always annoyed me that there are PIR sensors dotted all around the house that I could potentially use to do things like automatically turn lights on but not accessible without cutting wires and ruining the alarm. Decided I needed to fix that so I found an example of someone who'd done something similar, dug out my box of electronic components as I knew I had a spare microcontroller and other bits and pieces knocking around. It works great, so I guess I should get the soldering iron out to make a permanent stripboard version version now.
Morini's alarm panel interface mk1

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I havent done half as much as I thought I would have....being a lazy fecker and all that, 

The project van has slowed somewhat after a good start. 
Removed the antique radio/tape player (eventually received the correct iso adapter) wired in & fitted an extra set speakers but havent purchased a head unit as yet...recommendations welcome (preferably double din with DAB & Bluetooth)
Old ply floor removed and new flooring cut/shaped awaiting insulation to be fitted.
Night heater removed, stripped down, cleaned & rebuilt, now sitting on workbench awaiting new glow plug...ordered a week ago so should be here any day now. 
Hot water tank removed, stripped down, painted & seals replaced.
2 lots of LED lighting installed in rear.
LED headlamps installed (adjustable for when driving on wrong side of road continent driving)
Door panels removed to sort annoying rattles so while in there added some sound dampening & insulation.
Pads fitted front & rear
Fully serviced.

Done a few odd jobs around the house that I have been putting off for too long.
Made Mrs F lots of planting boxes (with the help of my youngest daughter) for vegetables
Replaced the lights on the trailer with LED ones.
Watched lots of crap films/tv shows & a few good ones.
Destroyed the booze reserves

One thing I am thankful for in these crap times is spending a lot more quality time with the Mrs & kids.....I quite like them  Tongue ...we have had lots of family game nights...even if they ended in me being (wrongly most of the time) accused of cheating!.....come to think about it another thing thats nice about these times.....not worrying about where they are and what time they will be home when out socializing, I should say they are very good that way and arrive home when they say they will.....but its hard not to worry regardless.

My son had to go back to work on Monday so my daughter thought it would be funny to be standing ready to (jokingly) disinfect him when he got home (there is a large bottle of bleach just out of camera shot).....I knew those NBC suits would come in handy one day...


"You live more for 5 minutes going fast on a bike than other people do in all of their life"....Marco Simoncelli
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