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WDC/WCC since the summer break
Some comments Jody made in chat got me to thinking how realistic a Ferrari comeback to challenge for the titles really is. I got the calculator out Wink

These are the tables since the summer break

Charles LeClerc 68
Lewis Hamilton 46
Valterri Bottas 43
Sebastian Vettel 38
Max Verstappen 19

Ferrari 106
Mercedes 89
Red Bull 35

So, in the WCC extrapolating the figures Ferrari have outscored Mercedes by just under 6 points per race. They need a lot more to secure the WCC (I make it 19 per race from here on in).

In the WDC CLC is the stand out performer (rightly so, he's been stellar). He has outscored Hamilton by 7.3 points per race. There are 7 races left and he is 96 points off the lead, he needs to outscore Lewis by 13.71 points in every race from now until seasons end to become WDC this year. Sebastian requires 14.57 points per race.

Both mathematically possible but realistically very unlikely. Will certainly require numerous DNF's.
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The Championships are over its all about the placings in my opinion.
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