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Ahead of Sunday’s race, Hamilton posted a heartbreaking 17-second video to his Instagram account which he had received from Harry.

Mercedes have sent their Formula One car to the home of a terminally ill boy who Lewis Hamilton said inspired him to victory in Spain.

Moments after he recaptured the lead of the championship from Valtteri Bottas following his fine victory at the Circuit de Catalunya, an emotional Hamilton dedicated his triumph to Harry Shaw – a five-year-old who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Hamilton had been alerted to Harry’s tragic plight ahead of Sunday’s race after Mercedes showed him a video of support sent in by the youngster from his hospital bed.

Harry has since been transferred to his Surrey home for his final days.

And, in a touching gesture by the sport’s world champions, they sent a Mercedes F1 car to Harry’s house.

Harry was also presented with Hamilton’s winning trophy from Sunday’s Barcelona race.
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What an amazing gesture by all concerned. I wish we as a an entire race cared more about each other than the stupid things we fight about.
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