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Baku 2019 quali chat transcript
(13:58:36) ChatBotmorini logs into the Chat.
(14:20:16) ChatBotforzaferrari logs into the Chat.
(14:20:39) forzaferrari: kubica has made a right mess
(14:20:56) morini: Yup, will take a while to clear that lot up
(14:22:14) forzaferrari: another few quid williams could do without spending
(14:22:21) morini: Think we might be looking at a bit of a delay for Q2 here
(14:23:25) ChatBotPapaofGags logs into the Chat.
(14:24:14) PapaofGags[Image: eek.png]
(14:24:33) morini: Hello Paps, you closet Ferrari fan you
(14:24:46) forzaferrari: how long does it take to clear a f1 car with a brush and dustpan?
(14:25:26) morini: Get the hoover out Claire [Image: wink.png]
(14:25:26) ChatBotNeilP logs into the Chat.
(14:25:38) NeilP: Hi Guys! [Image: smile.png]
(14:25:46) morini: Wotcha Neil!
(14:26:19) PapaofGags: lol M [Image: razz.png]
(14:26:21) NeilP: Not a fan of street circuits Morini but this one always brings some excitement to the table
(14:27:02) morini: Yeah, I know. I have to say I do enjoy it, but I am a bit of a purist when it comes to race tracks.
(14:27:15) forzaferrari: good afternoon neil
(14:27:46) NeilP: Forza Great to see you and Papa too
(14:28:03) PapaofGags: Hi Guys, enjoy [Image: smile.png]
(14:28:40) NeilP: Going to see a lot more track evolution yet maybe like the old days he who goes out last!
(14:29:06) morini: Thought the chat may be easier than posting in the race thread while watching quali. Bit more "instant" really.
(14:29:07) forzaferrari: any tips for cleaning icecream off my keyboard?
(14:29:17) PapaofGags: Haha
(14:29:30) forzaferrari: yes morini, much better while watching
(14:30:03) NeilP: Getting too excited Forza?
(14:30:24) morini: Goinf to be Forzas day today Neil, I'm pretty sure of that [Image: wink.png]
(14:30:26) PapaofGags: Neil like Senna crossing the line with seconds to go, showing my age Hehe
(14:30:36) forzaferrari: hell yeah, have to make the most of this
(14:31:04) morini[Image: monkey.png]
(14:31:26) PapaofGags: Charles in a class of one it looks like..
(14:31:34) NeilP: I dont think quali is as important here as other places, not convinced Mercedes have played all their cards yet. Hamilton is not at his best here though maybe up to Bottas
(14:32:12) forzaferrari: yep, not counting chickens just yet
(14:32:45) morini: George on SF1. I wish that boy could get into a better car.
(14:33:14) ChatBotJody_Barton logs into the Chat.
(14:33:47) PapaofGags: + 1 m [Image: smile.png]
(14:33:54) morini: Hi Jody, glad you joined us
(14:34:06) forzaferrari: second that
(14:34:36) PapaofGags: yup hi Jody
(14:34:45) Jody_Barton: The Williams sucks ass, but Russell is dragging all the time out of the car, but Kubica is just crap. How the hell Sirotkin isn't in that car is beyond me.
(14:35:34) morini: I think crap is a bit harsh, but I don't see RK lasting longer than 1 season. It is a shame, but his injury was horrific.
(14:35:38) forzaferrari: another poor day for renault
(14:35:39) NeilP: Hi Jody, good to have you here
(14:36:09) Jody_Barton: Also Stroll showing he's only there because of daddy
(14:36:34) morini: Renault, they need a turnaround don't they? Waste of DR talent at the moment.
(14:36:35) Jody_Barton: And agree Forza, Renault having another terrible weekend
(14:37:31) morini: Long gap between Q sessions [Image: crying.png] Want them to get on with it now.
(14:37:33) Jody_Barton: There'll be questions asked in Paris. They've spent a lot of money and gone nowhere. They're only really quicker than Williams
(14:37:42) PapaofGags: Renault going to get P45 from my DT.... more seriously hope they improve
(14:38:10) Jody_Barton: The tracks going to cool off massively for Q3 with this delay
(14:38:17) NeilP: Toro Rosso especially Albon continue to impress
(14:38:43) morini: Good point Jody. That will hurt Merc with Toto admitting to soft tyre warm up issues.
(14:39:09) PapaofGags: Yes Neil lads doing a good job
(14:39:17) forzaferrari: what happened with romain?
(14:39:29) morini: He's shit?
(14:39:38) NeilP: He was eaten in a salad!
(14:39:39) forzaferrari: other than that lol
(14:40:01) Jody_Barton: Forza as Morini said, Grosjean is shit
(14:40:15) morini: No, seriously, I didn't see I was too preoccupied with Hammy looking like he was not going to make Q2!
(14:40:45) Jody_Barton: He's spending a season too long on the grid for me and proving it right now
(14:40:59) forzaferrari: ted just cleared it up, thanks ted good to see you back
(14:41:13) Jody_Barton: Seriously guys, Moanjean was just slow
(14:41:47) forzaferrari: yeah he was pathetic, was expecting a bit more from the tosser
(14:42:17) morini: He Forza, Ted says Lewis has got a new tattoo. I heard it was a picture of Great Uncle Bulgaria.
(14:42:29) NeilP: Haas are way off the pace this season when perhaps more was expected of them.
(14:42:35) forzaferrari: ...perhaps he got held up by erricson lol
(14:43:00) PapaofGags: RG SUNGLASSES lol [Image: wink.png]
(14:43:12) forzaferrari: and he has shit taste in sunglasses
(14:43:24) forzaferrari: beat me to it paps
(14:43:24) NeilP: The way some of these drivers are performing I think we should start a campaign to bring Ericcson back
(14:44:10) morini: Now Now Neil, don't send Jody off on one [Image: wink.png]
(14:44:39) Jody_Barton: Ericsson is better than Stroll
(14:45:27) morini: I'm better than Stroll!!!
(14:45:29) forzaferrari: my dogs are faster than stroll...and way more likable
(14:45:34) Jody_Barton: But quite frankly Stroll, Grosjean, Kubica and maybe Perez are past their time.
(14:45:36) morini: Haha
(14:45:53) NeilP: Its criminal Ocon is not in the field, I wonder if there is any chance he will be in a Williams soon (not that that would be a great thing!)
(14:46:06) PapaofGags: LS Foggy visor lol
(14:46:21) Jody_Barton: My gran is quicker than Stroll... and she's dead... and she was blind
(14:46:29) PapaofGags: Haha
(14:46:33) NeilP: That would make a good user name Papa
(14:46:50) NeilP: LOL.. Jody!
(14:47:37) morini: Karun just repeated your point Jody. Q3 is going to be a challenge with the track temps
(14:47:52) Jody_Barton: Foggy fucking visor... what a t nuc
(14:48:42) Jody_Barton: Not even his dad could be that dense. FFS we have Ocon kicking his heels, just a joke.
(14:48:43) forzaferrari: big steaming turd inside the helmet
(14:49:15) NeilP: What tyres are going to be used here guys do you think anyone will try to be different to everyone else?
(14:49:28) forzaferrari: rubber ones neil
(14:49:49) NeilP: Thank you for that excellent observation Forza!
(14:49:57) PapaofGags: Hehe
(14:50:05) forzaferrari: no prob, any time
(14:50:25) morini: Lol! I don't think anyone could do it on mediums. Delta too large.
(14:50:34) Jody_Barton: Mediums might be worth a punt, go long and switch, but the temps? Not sure
(14:50:42) PapaofGags: Charles should go out on hards, give everyone else a chance lol
(14:50:52) NeilP: Leclerc continues to put Vettel to shame, can we assume team orders are over at Ferrari
(14:51:17) morini: Ferrari on Meds.
(14:51:18) NeilP: I wondered if Merc may try on the Mediums Jody
(14:51:45) morini: Theres a lot of shade on the track now. I wonder if that will work?
(14:51:55) PapaofGags: 1.4 sec delta, tough ask I feel
(14:54:09) forzaferrari: bit of a tow coming for lewis
(14:54:45) Jody_Barton: Thing is the Softs are a crap race tyre, you have ant Mediums then Soft or even Mediums the Hards
(14:54:51) morini: Nice lap Max!
(14:57:16) morini: They can't be that worried about deg as they are all doing a second run on the soft. Weird.
(14:57:34) morini: Nooooo, charlie
(14:57:35) Jody_Barton: Hello Max!!! That'll worry Mercedes. I do not think that Medium gamble is worth it for Ferrari.
(14:57:51) PapaofGags: CAPTAIN your bloody fired!!!!
(14:58:11) forzaferrari: fuck sake
(14:58:14) morini: Fuckity fuck [Image: crying.png]
(14:58:31) forzaferrari: thats my dt screwed
(14:58:32) PapaofGags: in shock here, bloody hell.....
(14:58:57) morini: Another long delay. Advantage Vettel methinks.
(14:59:04) NeilP: That is why it aint over til its over here
(14:59:19) morini: Yep, good point Neil.
(14:59:32) NeilP: Vettel does not worry me Morini he has opened the door for Bottas and Hamilton
(14:59:59) Jody_Barton: Oh dear oh dear... And that my friends is why I said over a season Vettel is a better bet
(15:00:08) morini: I reckon it might be a Sunday morning Q3.
(15:00:13) Jody_Barton: He does make silly errors still
(15:00:15) PapaofGags: told you M every time I change my DT it bites me in the ass, think i'm gonna use your tactic & leave alone lol.
(15:00:57) morini: Yeah, can't argue. But he is faster. Hamilton made a shitload of mistakes in his first few seasons, but he was still faster than anyone.
(15:01:12) Jody_Barton: Holy shit, Vettel could be out here
(15:01:13) PapaofGags: Vettel nearlydid the same thing, bloody close!
(15:01:40) NeilP: Leclerc will finish ahead of Vettel this season I am pretty confident of that
(15:01:50) morini: Not helping Ferrari in the WCC either.
(15:02:03) Jody_Barton: What a fuck up from Ferrari putting them on the Mediums.
(15:02:21) Jody_Barton: Far too risky
(15:02:35) morini: Yep, in hindsight you are correct there
(15:02:40) NeilP: Especially as track has cooled so much
(15:02:53) PapaofGags: Feel for Charles.
(15:03:36) morini: Me too. Never mind Paps, he will come good. I'm convinced of that.
(15:03:41) Jody_Barton: I said earlier on I thought the track would be too cool for Mediums and I was right to question it
(15:03:51) NeilP: Should make for an even more interesting race tomorrow I mean a Safety car must be almost a 100% at this time!
(15:04:13) PapaofGags: Agree M.
(15:05:37) Jody_Barton: Ferrari need to get Vettel out on the Softs ASAP they need to get him in Q3. Because if they don't get him in there they'll be screwed.
(15:05:48) NeilP: Are we looking at 1 or 2 stop tomorrow?
(15:06:18) morini: Usually a 1 stopper unless saftey car. Bottas did 1 last year, Ham and Vet did 2.
(15:06:26) Jody_Barton: Possibly two stop, but Merc and RBR looked like they could run forever on the Mediums
(15:07:09) NeilP: Somebody check Forzas pulse
(15:07:42) forzaferrari: Im back....just needed a walk outside lol
(15:08:10) PapaofGags: Find a cat to kick?
(15:08:20) morini: A lot of damage on CLC car there. Genuine question, does anyone elase think CLC might have gearbox issues from yesterdays thwack into the wall? They replayed it earlier and to me it looked bloody hard.
(15:08:20) NeilP: Any chance Leclerc has damaged his gearbox here?
(15:08:25) Jody_Barton: I'm furious with the Ferrari pit wall right now. How do the keep screwing this up? Just want sticking against a wall and shooting
(15:08:30) NeilP: lol Morini!
(15:08:45) Jody_Barton: Gearbox isn't the issue, it's the monocoque
(15:08:48) morini: Not from this accident Neil, but see my last post.
(15:09:10) NeilP: ok
(15:09:33) Jody_Barton: If the monocoque is gone he'll be starting from the pit behind Gasly
(15:09:42) forzaferrari: might be worth taking the 5 place penalty
(15:09:56) morini: Like I said, I would be surprised if P2 whack into the wall hasn't caused damage to gearbox.
(15:10:12) morini: I agree Forza, get it changed
(15:11:02) Jody_Barton: Yeah... monocoque change for that Ferrari, there's a crack. He'll be starting from the pits tomorrow
(15:11:23) morini: Anyway, is it too early to break out the Gin while waiting for Q2 to restart?
(15:11:37) forzaferrari: never too early morini
(15:11:57) PapaofGags: what does too early mean? [Image: wink.png]
(15:12:03) morini: Back in a bt then! [Image: smile-big.png]
(15:13:05) forzaferrari: early means having one with your breakfast paps (in my opinion anyway)
(15:13:28) PapaofGags: Haha
(15:13:52) PapaofGags: so no Stella on my shreddies then?
(15:14:55) PapaofGags: Must be cold Ant's got his coat on.
(15:15:19) NeilP: Coffee and Cream Cheese bagel for me I cannot do single malt this early!!!
(15:16:20) morini: No tonic water! I feel a divorce coming on!
(15:17:03) PapaofGags: Vettel's a luck fella, Ants pointing out his *near miss*
(15:17:09) morini: All there is in is coke (not the pwder type). So I've had to switch to Vodka and coke.
(15:18:30) NeilP: Maybe this is a sign and a result of how much pressure is on Ferrari this weekend
(15:19:45) morini: What, Mrs M forgetting to replenish the tonic water is a sign??? You might be right Neil [Image: wink.png]
(15:20:39) Jody_Barton: If that Ferrari doesn't need a new monocoque I'll be amazed, the floor is hanging and the safety cage / structure on the sidepod is gone, perhaps Ferrari have some magic glue.
(15:20:51) NeilP: Got to put your foot down Morini.. its not good enough. Want me to do taht for you I am asafe distance away ....I think!
(15:22:03) morini: No such thing as a safe distance. Trust me on that [Image: wink.png]
(15:22:25) morini: Will the Mercs run again? Given the track temp is a lot lower now?
(15:23:02) NeilP: I am going Bottas for pole, there, I've said it!
(15:23:36) morini: That will be a surprise, given how scruffy he's been through the weekend.
(15:23:53) Jody_Barton: I think I'd want to run again here, to see how the track has evolved and maybe cause a cheeky yellow to screw over Seb
(15:24:32) morini: Oohh, gamesmanship. Like that idea [Image: smile.png]
(15:25:02) NeilP: LOL.....Jody very devious!
(15:25:48) ChatBotforzaferrari has been logged out (Timeout).
(15:26:48) PapaofGags: Straight out of the Nico Rosberg strategy book [Image: razz.png]
(15:27:07) morini: Lol [Image: smile.png]
(15:30:07) morini: Track def slower now.
(15:33:20) NeilP: A lot slower
(15:33:52) morini: I made a big mistake picking Sainz ahead of Lando Norris in my FL team. Go Lando.
(15:33:53) ChatBotJody_Barton has been logged out (Timeout).
(15:35:07) NeilP: Kvyat is not going to last the season at Toro Rosso
(15:35:35) ChatBotJody_Barton logs into the Chat.
(15:35:43) ChatBotforzaferrari logs into the Chat.
(15:35:55) PapaofGags: YUp good job Lando, surprised Albon out.
(15:36:26) Jody_Barton: I think Max might have shot at his first pole here, because that RBR is switching those Softs on quicker than others.
(15:36:30) morini: Vettel for pole here then?
(15:37:03) morini: Be nice to see Jody, but I don't reckon. Not unless somehow he gets a great tow
(15:37:52) morini: CLC, genuine honest interview. Fair play.
(15:37:58) Jody_Barton: Not sure Morini... Seb looked like he was struggling to fire up up those Softs. We'll see soon. You'd expect a Ferrari pole, but the track temps could mess it all up
(15:38:00) PapaofGags: Charles put his hands up, a lot wouldn't top boy.
(15:38:46) NeilP: There is a lot to like about Leclerc
(15:38:50) morini: CLC will get DOD tomorrow. Mark my words.
(15:39:00) forzaferrari: hopefully we get to see CLC go balls out tomorrow
(15:39:09) morini: Hope so Forza.
(15:39:28) PapaofGags: me too
(15:40:42) morini: 6:40pm is bloody late for a Q3 session. But here we go chaps!
(15:41:10) NeilP: Got to be an increased chance of an accident too!
(15:43:02) Jody_Barton: Let's see how this goes, Seb needs to deliver. He needs to show he IS a team leader.
(15:43:46) forzaferrari: he is a lot of things Jody....just not sure about leader [Image: razz.png]
(15:44:53) morini: Ham is flyingthough
(15:45:31) morini: Advantage Hammy
(15:45:41) PapaofGags: Good lap
(15:46:34) morini: Is the track going to ramp up now? That may be it you know.
(15:47:07) Jody_Barton: I'm telling you, it's Lewis' season
(15:47:28) NeilP: O.4 is a lot to pull back in cooling conditions
(15:47:53) morini: Max is going quicker than his first run, but not quick enough
(15:48:20) ChatBotAntilochos logs into the Chat.
(15:48:26) Jody_Barton: That's a huge chunk of time to make up
(15:48:32) PapaofGags: Nice lap from Max
(15:48:33) morini: What happened to Ferrari's pace though?
(15:48:36) Antilochos: Hi there, a bit late to the party...
(15:48:46) forzaferrari: hi anti
(15:48:52) Jody_Barton: Tyres Morini
(15:48:56) morini: Hi Anti, it's been interesting session
(15:49:30) NeilP: Hi Anti
(15:50:14) Jody_Barton: Lewis has time in hand looking at his onboard... He left time on the track.
(15:50:18) morini: Merc at the back of the queue. Vulerable to yellow flags I fear.
(15:50:26) PapaofGags: Hi Anti
(15:50:43) PapaofGags: WTF were Merc thinking?
(15:50:44) forzaferrari: come on seb you donkey
(15:50:50) PapaofGags: lol
(15:50:52) Jody_Barton: Cooling track Vs evolution... Interesting
(15:51:09) morini: Merc may have made a mistake there, letting all those cars past in pit lane.
(15:51:34) Antilochos: First time I'm not sure wich car will take pole; Mercedes best change, but Red Bul is looking good and you can never count out Ferrari.
(15:51:59) forzaferrari: good lad bottas
(15:52:15) Jody_Barton: Morini, they're doing starts to fire up the tyres, but I agree. Not wise
(15:52:38) morini: Purple fo rVettel
(15:52:49) morini: Merc have blown this
(15:53:18) morini: Nail biting
(15:53:26) Antilochos: Maybe Merc want the tow tomorrow from P2.
(15:53:50) morini: Bottas!!!!
(15:53:58) morini: Neil, you were right
(15:54:13) PapaofGags: Wow spot on Neil
(15:54:36) forzaferrari: nice job VB
(15:55:13) Antilochos: Very nice from Bottas, he showed me I say... Good exciting qually.
(15:55:22) morini: Have to say, Hamilton had better race pace in P2 so it could be interesting tomorrow.
(15:55:46) NeilP: Hamiltons first sector killed his lap
(15:55:52) morini: Qualy is the best part of a race weekend. Has been since they introduced this format.
(15:55:55) Jody_Barton: Nice job Bottas, but if I were Lewis I'd be having a word with Toto over that
(15:56:00) Antilochos: I think Hamilton will take Bottas tomorrow first corner.
(15:56:25) morini: My money is on Hamilton to win though.
(15:56:44) NeilP: The race is set up well Verstappen on Vettel first corner, leclerc fighting through the two Mercs fighting it
(15:57:20) Antilochos: Will be tight indeed with Vettel and Verstappen. Going to be a exciting start I think.
(15:57:32) morini: On the season battle front, this isn't what Ferrari need though.
(15:57:59) PapaofGags: Proper exciting, before the start of Quali we though Ferrari 1&2, Fantastic lap from Bottas, the start & 1st lap will be mental!
(15:58:14) NeilP: Yet again Ferrari as favourites in most peoples eyes fail to deliver. Way too many mistakes both on and off track
(15:58:45) Antilochos: I always see Mercedes as favourite; best car, best team, best driver.
(16:00:23) forzaferrari: Catch you guys later
(16:00:33) PapaofGags: Bye mate
(16:00:46) morini: Yup, I'm off now too. Catch you one here tomrrow maybe?
(16:00:58) NeilP: Stay away from teh kitchen Forza the race is yet to come
(16:01:18) PapaofGags: OK see you all later guys [Image: smile.png]
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Posted this for historical data purposes Wink
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Cheers for your concern Neil, Mrs F currently hiding all the sharp items Wink

In all seriousness, the "chat" is a much better way to communicate during live sessions, think we should make it a regular thing guys.
"You live more for 5 minutes going fast on a bike than other people do in all of their life"....Marco Simoncelli
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(27-04-2019, 03:04 PM)forzaferrari Wrote: In all seriousness, the "chat" is a much better way to communicate during live sessions, think we should make it a regular thing guys.

I agree. However, it only really works if there are a few regs online at the time. The reason I suggested it today was I saw there were 4 or 5 regulars posting during quali.
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It was far better Morini, good shout. Even though I nearly threw my laptop into a wall when Charles crashed. I just hope the silver cars don't disappear into the sunset tomorrow, which is a risk.
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Nobody more gutted than me when CLC had his mishap. Binotto and the strategists want to have a long debrief on trying to make those mediums work in Q2 I think.
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He'd been flirting with the wall all weekend, apparently he hit the wall at least once in every session this weekend so far. If he does that tomorrow he'll leave with a lot of egg on his face.
(27-04-2019, 06:26 PM)Jody Barton Wrote: He'd been flirting with the wall all weekend, apparently he hit the wall at least once in every session this weekend so far. If he does that tomorrow he'll leave with a lot of egg on his face.

He's a young lad at the end of the day. I think we should all cut him some slack on this one, when I watch him onboard he is the brand of driver I really like to watch. Today wasn't his fault, it really wasn't. Vettel very nearly did the same.

The top three all agree with me

Morini prediction -> CLC podium tomorrow.
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I'm not having a dig at the lad Morini. He made these mistakes last year at Sauber. I just think we didn't notice because he was at Sauber. He's bound to make these mistakes at his age, all the best have / did. But like the best he does more right than wrong. However, today proved that Binotto might have been right about Vettel being the better bet over the season. He's got plenty of time on his side though. I have no doubt he'll come good.
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(27-04-2019, 06:44 PM)Jody Barton Wrote: However, today proved that Binotto might have been right about Vettel being the better bet over the season.

I hear you Jody. But Vettel is lacking in a lot of fundamental areas and sometimes you've got to be realistic about things. Yes Charles will make more mistakes, but basically Hamilton has Vettel well covered as theres a clearly visible gulf in class between the two.

As far as the WCC goes, if I were Binotto I would let the two Ferrair drivers sort it themselves out in terms of pace and not issue any more team orders. Team orders will hurt them in the long run and us fans don't like bias towards one driver.
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