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(31-08-2018, 09:40 AM)Purple-banana Wrote:  Maybe not a popular opinion, but I don't particularly rate the guy. I don't recall him ever doing anything that made me go "wow!" (in a good way).

He was treated like crap by Red Bull (although admittedly it was due to his own performances, and we all know how cut-throat RBR are) and I was happy for him that he found the Sim role with Ferrari. I remember saying at the time that he is set for life now, with numerous other motorsport categories he could get involved with in the future, all the while working for a prestigious company and I am sure on a very healthy salary. But after all was said and done I wouldn't/don't miss him from F1 and thought/still think, there are more deserving drivers waiting in the wings for their shot at F1.

I'm not a big fan of Kvyat, but still think he had a lot of potential and it all went downhill when Verstappen took his place. I still think he has some serious speed in him.
Yes, there are more exciting drivers waiting or fighting for keeping their seat, but then start with getting rid of the drivers like Ericsson, Stroll or even Hartley.

I know, if it would be up to us here, F1 would be wonderful...
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Is Kvyat better than Hartley, Stroll, Sirotkin and Ericsson? Yes. Is he deserving of another shot in F1? Don't think so. I agree with Purple-Bannana, as cut throat as RBR were with him, he had kinda proved he wasn't up to F1 by then. Just because the grid is currently fouled up by some right turds, doesn't mean we should welcome a slightly less stinky turd back. I also agree with F1 Fan, if any of the RBR junior drivers deserve a second chance it's JEV.
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