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With the season getting back under way obviously a lot more talk of who will be driving where next year and indeed into the future has fired up again. Latest rumour is that Jean-Eric Vergne has been approached by an F1 team to be a driver for 2019. It would be interesting to know who that team could be.

Personally IF that is true all I can think of is Toro Rosso wanting to get an experienced driver into the car to replace Hartley as I am sure a young and upcoming Red Bull sponsored driver will be filling the other seat.  Dan Ticktum appears to be a possibility but I dont think he has enough points on his license  (I would be happy to give him some of mine !!!)

Thoughts anyone.....

A well as JEV had done in FE I think bringing him back into F1 is not so wise. There seems to be so much more potential queueing up for a seat, the lower formulae are full of talent.

I'd rather see RK get a seat (and I honestly beleive he is not up to it).
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I'm hoping for Dan Ticktum (if Red Bull can engineer a way of getting him in) from what I have read/seen in a world full of crazy people trying to get into F1 he stands out, if people/rivals who I think are a bit touched think he is crazy he gets my vote all day! if not able to get enough points or persuade the FIA, then Lando or George or any Brit, Hehe.

As for Jev, I have great respect for his driving, I actually read that he openly laughed when he found out Hartley got the Torro Rosso drive, personally I think Jev would have done a better job, though now with so much young talent comming through I feel his time is done in F1, good luck to him in FE.

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(26-08-2018, 10:23 AM)PapaofGags Wrote:  I'm hoping for Dan Ticktum (if Red Bull can engineer a way of getting him in) 

Red Bull Junior Dan Ticktum believes that a year in Japan's Super Formula series in 2019 will leave him better prepared for a career in Formula 1.
Ticktum, the Formula 3 European Championship leader, is strongly tipped to compete in Super Formula next season.
Although Red Bull has tried to push him towards F1, even if Ticktum wins the F3 title he will likely not have enough superlicence points.

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I think Ticktum should do F2 personally, but I get why he might want to do Japanese Super Formula, especially now he's essentially under Honda's wing. We'll see how it pans out, but I can't see him in F1 next season. Starting to think neither Russel or Norris will get drives either.

Well Vergne totally blew away any comeback thoughts when he said yesterday I dont see why I would come back into F1 just to battle to finish 10th or so...

...Good point!

As regards Norris racing in F1 next year does his contract with McLaren not run out 30th September after which he is a free agent ( I think I heard that sometime this weekend) in which case IF Toro Rosso want him it should be pretty easy.

I dont think Tictum is close to an F1 drive yet, maybe a few years away.

Would like to see Russell get a go, not sure he will unless its at Williams but I think there will now be fewer new drivers than we thought I think a lot will just change teams.
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I don't think Ticktum is ready. I do think Russell and Norris are. I hate to say it but if the likes of Norris, Russell, Ocon and Wehrlein are struggling to get drives in F1 then the FIA will seriously have to consider stepping in to remedy the situation. There are plenty of drivers currently on the grid who aren't good enough, and somebody those have had plenty of opportunities to prove they are

My understanding of the Norris situation is that it was actually Honda who were paying his wages,band that if he isn't tied up / agrees an extension with McLaren by October, then yes essentially he becomes a free agent. I have a feeling he'll end up at Toro Rosso.

Scratch that, Norris just announced at McLaren.

So where now for Perez and Ocon?

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