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Current Top 10
Following on from the discussions on the Chinese GP and a post by Anti who are your current top 10 drivers on the grid?

I have listed below my top 10. I have tried hard to imagine all drivers driving all cars rather than just use a results based decision. This is where I see them today. End of the season I am sure Leclerc will jump up many places.

1. Hamilton.  A long way clear of the field in my view.

2. Verstappen.  I have to believe if he was driving a Ferrari or Mercedes he would be right up there fighting for the WDC. His race craft is improving fast and he finally seems to be maturing.

3. Ricciardo. I just feel he is never going to get the chance his talent deserves.

4. Vettel. His star is fading and I am tempted to put others above him but still on his day he is brilliant. Sadly those days are becoming fewer and fewer

5. Hulkenberg. Same as Danny Ricciardo.

6. Bottas. Really good solid driver. I just dont think he has it in him to be great.

7. Leclerc. Yes, I rate him this highly and he unlike Vettel is seeing his star shine ever brighter. He and Max will be fighting it a lot in the coming seasons

This is where personally I feel there is a big drop off and it gets hard to rank them.

8.  Raikkonen. Yes, well past his best but talentwise still a top 10 guy in my book

9. Perez. Also on the downside of his career but a great fighter who seizes his opportunities when they arise.

10. Grosjean. Like Perez on the downside, a flawed driver who is totally inconsistent but on his day was capable of great things.

That is about where I see things these days but then what the hell do I know Smile
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