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The Torpedo!!! - Jody Barton - 29-09-2018


Still not sure he's good enough for the sport, but if Moanjean got a second chance, then Kvyat deserve a second chance at F1 too. I'm hoping the other seat at Toro Rosso Will Go to Wehrlein, but I feel they'll stick with Hartley now for some form of consistency. Shame, because Wehrlein really deserves a drive in F1.

RE: The Torpedo!!! - LotusLover - 29-09-2018

Yeah Wehrlein over Hartley all year long for me

RE: The Torpedo!!! - Jody Barton - 29-09-2018

(29-09-2018, 09:08 AM)LotusLover Wrote:  Yeah Wehrlein over Hartley all year long for me

It shouldn't even be a debate in my book, especially now Mercedes have released Wehrlein, however, it apparently is though. I don't get it, maybe there are commercial / contractual / development reasons as to why that Toro Rosso haven't announced Wehrlein alongside Kvyat today. We've got rid of Ericsson and Vandorne thankfully, but for me we stillhave the likes of Hartley, Stroll and Sirotkin who really don't seem to be good enough to be on the grid. We need to see more ACTUAL talents on the grid. So gald to see Norris and Giovinazzi on the grid next year, would love to see Wehrlein and Russell on that grid as well, and of course I'd be delighted if we were able to retain Ocon. I can still see routes for two of those three to be on the grid next season, but probably not all three.

RE: The Torpedo!!! - NeilP - 29-09-2018

There is no way in hell Hartley will be with Toro Rosso next year.

RE: The Torpedo!!! - Jody Barton - 29-09-2018

(29-09-2018, 10:09 AM)NeilP Wrote:  There is no way in hell Hartley will be with Toro Rosso next year.

That's what I used to think, but Hartley himself and even some of the Toro Rosso people are not ruling it out anymore and even making positive noises. When a month or two ago they were basically saying no way. I think RBR thought they were getting Norris, and that's not happened, and with losing Ricciardo too they're suddenly left scrambling for drivers, which seems mental given their driver program and the fact there are the likes of Wehrlein around as well as Russel and Ocon looking for drives... still, it is what it is.