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RE: Giovinazzi to Sauber confirmed - Jody Barton - 25-09-2018

Forza, I know what you're saying, and I understand it. He will be a loss to Ferrari, no question. However, if he proves to be capable, he could eventually find himself in a seat at Ferrari, and ultimately prove more useful to Ferrari.

RE: Giovinazzi to Sauber confirmed - NeilP - 25-09-2018

... not to mention the potential loss of the 'Torpedo'. Hide the knives from Forza for his own safety!!!!

RE: Giovinazzi to Sauber confirmed - forzaferrari - 25-09-2018

Isnt Gio taking part in one of the FP`s this weekend?

to answer my own question...yes...

Antonio Giovinazzi will enjoy his latest Formula 1 practice run-out with the Alfa Romeo Sauber team on Friday at the Sochi Autodrom ahead of the Russian Grand Prix.

Ferrari junior driver Giovinazzi has already featured for Sauber in two practice sessions and two in-season tests so far this year, with his duties for the Swiss team being his primary commitments through the 2018 season.

RE: Giovinazzi to Sauber confirmed - morini - 16-11-2021

I'm reading Gio is out of Sauber / Alfa Romeo (whatever they're called) at the end of the 2021 season. Can't see him getting a drive anywhere else so I'm guessing it is the end of the F1 road for him.


Probably deserves its own thread really.

RE: Giovinazzi to Sauber confirmed - PapaofGags - 17-11-2021

Antonio Giovinazzi will move to Formula E in 2022 with Dragon Penske after losing his Alfa Romeo Formula 1 seat to Chinese racer Guanyu Zhou.